Soothing, gorgeous and alluring, motion paintings for your Computer monitor. Contemporary, Video Art at an accessible price.

Only available for PC at the moment. Mac versions coming soon...

The screensaver market in the whole is very commercial but as with any medium or product, there's always a niche for people that appreciate the finer things.

Grace your computer screen with these rare and unique Visions. Each of these screensavers have been exclusively designed and animated by video artist Morris La Mantia : aka [Lucidhouse].

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"As these works exisist in the digital universe, my mission was to infuse them with organic textures and elements, so that hopefully they radiate some tangible warmth, and break away from the prescriptive coldness of the mass media.

Early man stared into the primordial fires, looking deeply into the flickering flames and imagining fantastical stories. Hopefully these pieces can touch on that hypnotic, cerebral state and inspire some creative occurrence."

< Video content optimised for realtime mixing , in clubs , music festivals...Visual support for Musicians and DJ's.









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  StoneTears 01  
  Steel Heart 01  
  Knockout Teds 01  
  String Swirl 01  


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