<Check it New eye scorching, ear splitting Lucidhouse audiovisual mix! [Available as a download for your iPhone, iPod, mobile & mpeg4 to burn as a DVD video ]

Download! and get mixing! Distinctive and original VJ loops. [Instant & Secure digital downloads]



Ideal resolution for live laptop performances: use with multi layers & add filters while still retaining clip speed & performance. [320-240 / 25 FPS / cinepak avi / 24 bit / keyed every frame ]




Luscious set of a hi-res, atmospheric, ambients. A blend of gritty urban textures and subliminal imagery. [640x480 / 25 FPS / quicktime/ Motion Jpeg / keyed every frame ].





Repeating patterns, objects and figures. Motion Wallpapers that are ideal as ambient backdrops. [640x480 / 25 FPS / quicktime/ Motion Jpeg / keyed every frame ]





Synthetic/analog abstractions. A dose of digital alchemy turns everyday objects into extra-ordinary visions.

Crisp sublime motions for professional users 1920×1080 / 29fps.






Unadulterated virgin footage, crisp, clean visual loops ideal for use as base material to remix upon.



Brand new, exclusive release!

..Rare, sublime delights - available in 320-240/640-480/800-600 resolution packs.




Here's a few VJ loop freebies for you to enjoy, there will be regular download updates every few weeks , so pop around to get them.


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   > spot change -[640x480/25 fps/Motion JPEG] - Free VJ Loop!
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  Download audio visual DJ/VJ mix for your hand held device for free. .>.> Optimised compression for the iPhone, iPod and some mobile phones. >>>

   >Time glitch-04 -[640x480/25 fps/Motion JPEG] - Free VJ Loop!
  ------------------------------------ ............. + download +.... enjoy!
   >Junkshop-01 -[640x480/25 fps/Motion JPEG] - Free VJ Loop!
  ------------------------------------ ............. + download +.... enjoy!
   >Freezeflame-01 -[640x480/25 fps/Motion JPEG] - Free VJ Loop!
  ------------------------------------ ............. + download +.... enjoy!
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  These visuals are licensed for live performance, audio visual mixing or VJing use, covering public performances with a capacity of 1000 people. Extended license available by contacting the lucidloop shop. These loops cannot be resold in whole or in part, or used for anything other than these licensing terms.

all rights reserved lucidhouse 2001 ©

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